Simple Ways to Sell Your Farm Produce

Adama J. Adama
2 min readFeb 10, 2021


Photo by Alexander Gamanyuk on Unsplash

One mistake farmers make is venturing into farming without getting adequate information on how best to sell their products or finding out if there is a huge market (demand) for the produce from the farm.

Marketing should always come first in every business because one of the major problems you may face as a farmer is finding the market for your product.

Do you intend to go into farming?

Find few simple ways to sell farm produce in this short article.

There are different ways to sell your farm produce, one of which is joining any Farmers’ Association where updates and agricultural seminars and opportunities for farmers are shared. The advantage of joining such groups is that they provide customers for farm produce without a middleman, thereby helping the farmer maximize profit, and legal issues are collectively treated.

You can also sell your products in local markets by getting a shop or store and acquiring a trade permit within the market. In this case, you don’t only sell to wholesalers but also to final consumers by creating a distribution channel for them. This is good because you get to build an active relationship between yourself and the customer.

Farmers can use e-commerce platforms like Viable X, Facebook, or Instagram to market or sell their products.

An example is a farmer displaying his crops online and consistently engaging his audience. You need to share sharp and attractive pictures of your farm produce to get the attention of your viewers.

Manufacturing companies are always in need of raw materials, for example, cocoa can be processed into beverages, and cotton into clothes.

So, you can supply your products in large quantities to these firms directly.

You can also distribute to large stores that have sections for agricultural products like fruits. These stores buy in large quantities and they take responsibility for its storage and preservation.

Whichever way you choose, be sure to ask enough questions before you start that farm business. If you are not willing to go in search of buyers, you can invest in online farms like farm4me and get a return on investments.



Adama J. Adama

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