How To Become A Farm4Me Investor In Three Easy Steps

Adama J. Adama
2 min readMar 3, 2021

Farm4me offers contract farming services in Nigeria and also serves as one of the largest farm equipment rentals in Nigeria.

It is one of the leading Agritech Company in Nigeria and the pioneer of contract farming in Nigeria, making it a safe platform to invest your money.

Oftentimes, people have asked me how they can invest in Farm4me, so I will be explaining in this post.

We have three investment platforms, which are; Viable X, Farm4me, and Ceepass.

So, the first step to becoming a Farm4me investor is to visit any of our websites and choose the investment platform that is suitable for you.

After you have chosen your desired investment platform, register by creating an account with us.

The second step is to choose an investment plan.

For Contract Farming, invest and earn between 32% to 45% profit in six months.

For export financing, invest and earn 35% profit in four months.

You can also invest through our Fixed or Target Savings plan on Ceepass to enjoy the Returns On Investment.

After choosing your investment plan, the third step is to invest.

Click on the investment plan you chose and follow the steps provided.

You will be required to input the payment details for the investment plan you have chosen.

After you have done that, our finance team will update your account immediately and send you your payment receipt, certificate of investment, and other necessary details.

Download the documents as your evidence of payment and investment.

If you have completed these steps, congratulations, you are now a certified Farm4me investor!

To make this process seamless for you, download our Ceepass app on Google play store so you track your investment on the go.



Adama J. Adama

The Chairman of Enadama Group. The Founder and CEO of Farm4Me Agriculture Limited.