How To Be A Leader In Your Space

Adama J. Adama
2 min readApr 12, 2021
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As a business owner, leadership skills are essential qualities you must have.

Running a business goes beyond buying and selling products and/or services, it also requires you to be a leader in your space.

Contrary to societal make-believe, Leadership is not about sitting in a big chair behind your desk and dishing orders, it is way more than that.

It usually the ‘more’ part of leadership that people often neglect.

A good leader needs to be able to practice discipline. Discipline is how a leader builds their willpower; it is also how a leader makes better decisions. Without discipline, a leader is bound to make erratic decisions, which could impede the progress of the entire team.

The ability to be innovative is yet another skill that every leader has to possess. People are looking up to you for direction, new ideas, and creativity. You need to keep producing innovative ideas which will move your team forward.

I have seen so many leaders assign responsibilities to others while giving directions and taking nothing for themselves. That is not the characteristic of a true leader.

A leader does not shirk responsibilities, they carry more. In so doing, they teach their followers how to take responsibility too. I have employees, but does that mean I sit around doing nothing? I work more because I need to lead by example.

Finally, remember that the followers are watching you; they are a reflection of all you do and let that guide you. Listen to them when they talk, do not be the kind of leader that does all the talking, hear from others.

Your leadership in your business space has a great effect on your business; it can make or mar it. Be a good leader in your space.

“Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked; leadership is defined by results not attributes”. — Peter Drucker



Adama J. Adama

The Chairman of Enadama Group. The Founder and CEO of Farm4Me Agriculture Limited.