Helpful Tips On Long-Term Maize Storage

Adama J. Adama
2 min readMay 5, 2021
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In a previous article I shared here, I wrote about the essence of food preservation and how to preserve food for the benefit of your farm business.

I received a lot of positive feedback and most people were asking me to give specific examples on how to preserve some farm produce.

So, I have decided to share useful tips on how to preserve maize. I hope you find it useful.

The first step when storing maize for a long period is to prepare your storage facilities/bins.

If you decide to store the maize in bins or sacks, ensure that these storage facilities are well kept, dried, and free of insects’ infestation.

The next step is to do is to choose quality grains.

Don’t store grains that are already exposed to moisture or compromised by insects. They will only end up deteriorating further.

To get the best from your long-term maize storage, ensure that the grains that you are storing are in great condition, free of moisture, and insects.

After doing this, proceed to tune the temperature of your storage facilities to the right atmosphere.

This means that the facilities should not be too dried or too moist. You can use the Grain moisture tester to test the grain facilities and keep the grain facility in a friendly environment.

Generally, it is best advisable to keep the storage room containing your maize grain between 40 to 50 degrees.



Adama J. Adama

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