Business Partnerships: What Farmers Need To Know

Adama J. Adama
2 min readJan 22, 2021
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The business of farming can be tedious, especially when it is done on a large scale and managed by one person.

Imagine one person doing the farming, supervision, and marketing, while also handling the financial aspects of the business.

It will be taxing to perform at maximum capacity.

This is where partnership becomes important.

Partnerships provide farmers with a profitable opportunity to share the burden of the enormous workload, responsibilities, and financial costs of running their business with reliable people.

The same applies to profits made as that too is shared amongst the partners in the agreed ratio stipulated in their contract.

This means that in cases where unexpected losses are incurred, farmers do not have to bear the loss alone.

Partnerships are all about sharing the good and the bad, with partners providing support to one another.

Having business partners can be a bold and profitable move. However, it can go downhill if you end up with the wrong partners.

To avoid making the wrong decision, you have to choose partners with the right qualities that will impact your business goals positively.

What qualities should you look out for?

Your business partners must be goal-oriented, passionate about what you do, and supportive.

A successful partnership requires two or more individuals to be on the same page with clearly defined business goals and objectives.

After choosing your partners, ensure that the terms and conditions of the contract you both sign are clearly stated so it guides all parties involved before proceeding.

This will prevent issues like financial mismanagement, abrupt decision to pull out of the contract, and other avoidable challenges that could disrupt your farm business.

Business partnerships are a great avenue for farmers to expand their business structure. It is also a good way to leverage your partner’s resources for the growth of your farm.

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Adama J. Adama

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