Be Inspired

Adama J. Adama
1 min readMay 19, 2021
Photo by Randalyn Hill on Unsplash

There will be times in business when you will pause and ask yourself, “Am I on the right lane?

There will be times when you will doubt yourself or have to battle imposter syndrome.

These feelings are common but they do not define you and your journey.

During this temporary phase, remind yourself that you are doing just fine and can do better.

Bask in the memories of your past accomplishments to inspire you and fuel your passion.

Speak to a mentor if you have one.

Read books that will give you more clarity.

Rest and allow your mind to be free of confusion.

Then, look at the tasks before you with fresh eyes and execute them excellently.

Do not retain doubt and discouragement in your mind; they will only slow you down.

Always remember, there is so much more you can do and you have what it takes.

Does this inspire you?



Adama J. Adama

The Chairman of Enadama Group. The Founder and CEO of Farm4Me Agriculture Limited.